28 through 36.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, or on the Korea blog. I’ll probably do most of my writing there. But in order to not completely abandon this page, and so I can keep better track of reaching my “40 new things in two years” goal, I will at least make a list of the new things I’ve done since February with short comments if needed.

28.  Made a purchase at a Pawn Shop. – This was before I left and the purchase was a new to me laptop. It’s done it’s job, for the most part. But I can’t say I’m 100% happy with the purchase. That’s not to say I’m not grateful for it. I am.

29.  Total travel time: Two Days. – I’ve made long trips before as a kid when we lived overseas. But this one was probably about 3 times as long. 3 legs, the longest of which was 14 hours. No, I will not be going home for Christmas. Jeju-Island anyone?

30. Seoul Subways. – Not too much to say here. It was actual fairly easy, but I can also see how it would be easy to get lost.  There was one transfer which if I’d been alone the first time I may have gone the wrong way.

31 & 32 – Cherry Blossom Festival & Donghaksa Temple.  – The Cherry Blossoms in full bloom are amazing. Walked through a very large National Park where the temple is located. The main building was actually closed/under construction, but there were other buildings and things to see there.

33. Kimchi. More than one would think is possible to eat. Its not bad. I prefer the radish kimchi. You can put any new food I’ve tried in this category.

34.  Learning the language. – Have I written about this one before? I’ve learned other languages before. But even when I was in Haiti I don’t think I got to the point where I needed it to function. I’m still very raw and basic in my abilities. I’ve said I feel like a functional illiterate. It’s hard. Mostly because I can be a bit of a chicken and it’s scary to try. But I have to.

35. Miso. – Miso is a Korean Musical. There was lots of dancing, some singing, and arguably the best drum-line I’ve ever seen or heard in my life.

36.  Bug Larve.  – I know I put food in a category already, but this one deserves a line of it’s own. Yes, I said food. Larve was tried and found to be not to my liking. Blech.

So, there are probably more, but this pretty much bring me up to where it’s at. I’ll write more details about my first two months here in S. Korea at http://theadventurous1.wordpress.com/

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